Jay money _ afrobeat and sing on it

Jay money _ afrobeat

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening. I believe that you have a time to check this Beat’s out, here “9jado.com”.
We Are here to help you create beat from the root.
What I mean is that, Create instrumental for you on your chorus, verse, hook, rap basis.

So that it wouldn’t be like you just see any beat, start downloading and singing on it.

This did not allow some to perform well on beat, because it not the plan of producer and artists.

This is very common in some of upcoming artist of now, they will download beat from no where and ask producer to re-edit for them, the only way is to add parc and some other things like kicks snare string, etc.

But to re-edit it not possible until you have a raw data file. in Short We add but not edit.

*A question came up that, how can we create beat for some one in another place, that, is this possible?.
Yes it very much possible due to some way to.

It works through social networking, for example you re to download our app, it will automatically add me or add my number [+2347055183741] on whatapp application If you re using It.
Now that you have these two app, you can record a vocal with mobile phone and send It to us. through whatapp, 9jado app, or email.

Don’t forget we process your request within 48 hours.

But With just [ $11.30 / #3,556.71,] Transfer It to this account : 2031666097‎ And send the slip or sreenshot to our mail isy.record@yahoo.com in order to receive your beat.

Note : we assure you, That we re not going to publish your product, once you paid for it.

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