The best way to remove or bypass Techno w3, w4 and some itel like 1615 Google account

Google account
Google account

Many people believe that there is no way to solve the problem of Google account or Frp.

Here is the best solution for Techno w3, w4 other that use marshmallows. Androfid version 6.1 which next to the latest version.

Firstly, we need to talk about itel 1615 for instance.

1. Connect your phone with another phone Wi-Fi.

2. Ignore inputing email address it will not work, just hold the home key.

3. You will see google assistant Box, just type in “ch” then look for search in Google Chrome icon. Click on the icon it will now bring out another search Box, the second box will help to do what needs.

4. Type in “Google account manager all versions” and download it. you can download v5.1

5. You will also search and download “quick shortcut maker

6. Go back completely, press and hold home botton again, search in download bar

7. Navigate to the first application (Google account manager) install it then close it.

8. Do the same thing to install the (quick shortcut maker ).

9. Don’t close it, just hit open directly, and at the top you will see search bar. Type in the Google account manager.

10. Look for select “Try Email and password”

11. Browser sign in log in your any Gmail account.

12. After login Go Back and start up again.

13. After you are able to access your content. Wipe The phone again.

Enjoy your mobile.

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