[Tweak] Airtel free browsing tweak

Airtel free browsing

First and firemost, as a Muslim Islam encourages me to share with others.
Secondly Hovatek, Innagee, Xenon, and the others motivates me to share.
So here I will share my daily bread CHEAP UNLIMITED INTERNET at €1 called Your Freedom. I use it with Airtel but it also works with Mtn too though my mtn network is slow. I think it works on many networks, just try it with my few steps via configuration and thank me later at no fee. 

  1. Open up an account at your freedom website via my referral so that I could earn a few points from you https://www.your-freedom.net/?referer=b55e4c16

  2. Download the app depending on whether u want to use PC or phone from either play store or your freedom website.

  3. In application go to Information and fill in your account details, go to config and set Connection Mode to DNS (Its what works for me viay network u cld try other protocols), u can use tweaks if your country is listed, then go back and start connection and wait for the Account Profile to show “Free freedom” and then go to shop and try Total Account for Free for an hour after which u can pay for the package that suits u…..it could be Mobile freedom at €1 or Mobile plus at €2. If u want to use it on PC then u have to pay for the top accounts. 

Note: It works at zero data subscription…..