Save contact on Gmail account

Gmail contact

Gmail contact

It getting to billions of people using mobile phone now, and mobile phone is a device in which people use to communicate,
More so you access media files on it.

Firstly, don’t be surprised, this device that we’re talking of can get fult anytime any day, that is for those that save on devices.
Now to have their contact back will be difficult,

Secondly, If the phone was stolen or lost, those that save their contact on SIM card can also loose their contacts, that is only those that didn’t know how to backup SIM contact with network provider.

Let ask ourselves how many users that backup there SIM contact. even, if see a message from network provider that asked to backup your SIM contact and you did, tell me can get them back, the answer . is no.
So you can now save your contact on Gmail account.

Step to follow

1. Open Gmail account.
2. Get the number you want to save by your side.
3. Open your dialer.
4. Click on “Create new contract”, it will you some options.
5. Click on drop-down menu to select your Gmail contact or account.
6. Input all the details, and hit save, that’s all.

If you now loose your phone with the SIM, when ever you get another android device, just login to your Gmail account and your contact Synchronize automatically, if it didn’t, then do that manually.

You can also watch the video tutorial bellow.