How to Hard reset and wipe off pattern of lenovo a308t

Hard reset

Hard reset

Here is another article Or tutorial on how to hard reset. wipe out lost password or patterns of lenovo a308t. It so funny When I heard that it difficult to Remove lenovo a308t pattern.
Don’t be confused it all about experience, some people even believe in one method i. e, using a logic for all Android phone, that is not the limit brother and sister.
Use the method that you know,if it doesn’t work then keep on trying an error Untill you Get What you want.

I decided To create another tutorial on lenovo, even not all lenovo that us this same method, But It works on lenovo A308t.
Here we go….
Warning : don’t forget that you will loose all your data so I suggest you back up those data if you have way to.
Firstly make sure you have enough battery, like 50 to 30% .
1. Power of the Off the phone leave for five 5 to (ten 10) seconds .
2. Press power button along side with volume up+ and down- At the same time, don’t release it until triangle logo or Android logo display .

3. Use home button to Bring out options like, Update from SD card, update from internal memory, wipe cache, wipe to factory reset .
4. Use your volume up and down for scrolling or navigate to wipe to factory reset.
5. Use the left side button to select or OK .
6. Use the volume down to navigate yes.
7. Then hit the OK button /left button Is the select button.
Then wait till it finally finished .
8. Hit the left side button to boot your mobile phone enjoy it.
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Watch the video here