Internet || Sharing data via USSD and SMS


Sharing data

Sharing data

To add people to share, dial 12701*friend’s number# or Send Share[space]friend’s number to 127,




or SMS


Share 07055183741 and send to 127,

To remove people from sharing, dial  12702*friend’s number# or Send Remove[space] friend’s number to 127

e.g Code: 12702*07055183741#

or SMS Code: Remove 07055183741

and send to 127

For a list of people sharing your subscription, dial  12700#
or Send List to 127

e.g. Code: 12700#

or SMS

Code List and send to 127

Sharing data using Glo’s self care portal

On Glo HSI only the following data plans can be shared at the moment: Always Max (8GB), Always Min (4GB), Silver (13GB), Gold (20GB) and Platinum (30GB) plans To share.
You have to:
* Visit the Glo HSI using your Glo line/modem
* Select the Share it icon
* Input the Glo number you want to share with in the Add Mobile Number box and select the + icon
* A confirmation message will pop-up, confirm by selecting the Yes icon
* You and the recipient will get an SMS notification stating that sharing was successful
* To delete one of your sharing recipients from the list, simply select the X icon next to number you want to delete, and it’s done.