Resolve MP3 or audio file starts playing instead of downloading

Resolve MP3
Resolve MP3

My site is having problem while Testing my post. when I click on DOWNLOAD instead of downloading an mp3 or audio file, it opens a player and starts playing the file.

This is the correct way to force the Download. This worked in all browsers take one of these methods

1.Easy Media Download is a WordPress plugin which allows you to offer free digital downloads to your website visitors. You can easily create download buttons for different types of media file.

Login to your WordPress admin dashboard
Go to Plugins->Add New
Enter Easy Media Download in the search box
Once you find the plugin hit the install button and activate or <strong>click this WordPress.Org link</strong> to download

<a href=””><strong>Easy Media Download</strong></a>
and upload, <strong style=”color: red;”> mind you the plugin isn’t mine</strong>

<>[easy_media_download url=”” text=”Free Download” color=”red_darker”]<>

<a href=””>CLICK HERE </a>if it didn’t Start

2. Use the below code to set your download links e.g after (mp3″) <strong style=”color: green;”>type download=”true”</strong>
<strong style=”color: green;”>type download=”file.mp3″</strong>

Open tag- href=”″ download=”true”&gt;download-close tag

Open tag-href=”″ download=”file.mp3″&gt;download – close tag